I do most of my work in a Windows world, but more often in the past couple of years I’ve worked from a Mac.  For remote desktop access I simply used Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client for Mac (version 2.0, and later version 2.0.1).   I switched to Windows 7 in the office in preparation for a larger migration and discovered that connections over RDP did not work, after I was sure I had enabled it.  We control many settings, including remote desktop access and related Windows firewall rules via group policy, and those rules had been allowing the connections from the locations I needed, so it should not have had anything to do with a firewall issue.

It turns out that Microsoft RDC cannot [yet] connect to a Windows 7 box, but CoRD works just fine.  One setting of note… you cannot insist on NTLM authentication if you need to connect remotely from the Mac (or, it seems, anything older than Windows 7).  From System Properties…

Windows 7 remote desktop settings for Mac access

Perhaps Microsoft will release an updated client, but for now CoRD is working well, and I like the side panel.  Nice tool!